What people are saying about working with Eric...

      "I have been a still photographer for 35 years, much of that time for National Geographic. I am also the director of The Cove, a thriller/documentary that is currently on the festival circuit and receiving standing ovations and world-wide acclaim for it’s cinematography. Eric’s commitment to the project came with the extra advantage of having a personality that can remain upbeat and positive in the most extreme conditions. Having a team player, like Eric, that sees the whole picture and works hard shot by shot, day-by-day and month-to-month with unlimited enthusiasm was a huge advantage in making The Cove. Eric’s camera work was supreme and I was always stunned by the amount of coverage he achieved in a short amount of time. It was like having two camera crews in one – Eric is also excellent with sound.... without hesitation I would recommend him for any film project."
      Louie Psihoyos - director/photographer

      "His interviews are always comfortable, professional and efficient. He comes prepared and with a highly developed eye for how the minutiae fits into the big picture. He's a fun guy to work with and has a keen understanding of the many facets of music. He consistently delivers an exquisite product and I would recommend him to everyone for both documentary and multi-camera productions."
      Vince Herman - musician (Leftover Salmon, Great American Taxi)

      “His ability to communicate with the whole team and in turn create a very productive work experience make being on location with Eric a pleasure. I would recommend Eric without hesitation and look forward to working with him in the future.”
      Joe Chisholm - unit line producer - Oceanic Preservation Society

      “I have worked with Eric on and off for about ten years in various production capacities. He has always proved to be a very creative professional and effective individual in film and video production."
      Brook Aitken - DP/camera op

      “Eric came to the Widespread Panic shoot well prepared and with an attitude that made everyone feel at ease. His ability to work a group of shooters into a well oiled team is why his directing skills will take him to great places. If given the chance, I’d work with Eric in a heart beat!”
      Kimman Harmon - DP/camera op

      "He's a badass"
      Erika Peterson - artist

      "I'm a fan of Abramson. He even made me sound coherent!"
      Edwin Hurwitz - musician/artist (Shockra, Great American Taxi)

      "What can be said? This man knows how to capture the true spirit of my instrument and make it look beautiful at the same time"
      Thermos Arnold - Vibraslap doyen

      "Fat Tire Journal's strongest point may be its ability to capture the atmosphere of the sport, something that no other mountain biking broadcasts in our memory have been able to do."
      Dan Wildhirt- VeloNews

      "Buy nothing from them. These men are nihilists, there's nothing to be afraid of "
      Walter Sobchak - friend of the dude/purchaser of nothing